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5-Tier Cat Tree Tower with Cando and 2 Padded Plush Perches
5-Tier Cat Tree Tower with Cando and 2 Padded Plush Perches
5-Tier Cat Tree Tower with Cando and 2 Padded Plush Perches
5-Tier Cat Tree Tower with Cando and 2 Padded Plush Perches
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5-Tier Cat Tree Tower with Cando and 2 Padded Plush Perches

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Are you looking for a cat climbing tree for your active cat that will free their nature and divert their attraction from the furniture? This cat climbing tree is designed with multiple fully wrapped sisal posts, which is durable and suitable for cats to sharpen their claws and climb without damaging your furniture. And the cat climbing tree has a ramp to help cats reach the luxurious cando, which has multiple entrances to provide good ventilation while cats rest. The cat condo and the two perches on top equipped with foam-filled plush cushions for cat comfort while napping or gazing into the distance. In addition, the cat climbing tower has a strong and stable structure with a load capacity of 15 kg per layer, so you don't have to worry about it wobbling when cats jumping on it. Endless Entertainment for Cats: This multi-level cat activity center includes two platforms, a comfortable cando and two high perches, providing your cat with plenty of space for them to jump, rest, play, look into the distance and climb, fully satisfying their active nature. Multiple Practical Sisal Posts: To satisfy your cat's scratching nature, the cat climbing tower is designed with multiple sisal posts made of 100% natural sisal, which is strong enough and durable enough for your cats to sharpen their paws and climb upwards without worrying about damaging your delicate furniture! Safety and Stability is First: Each platform of the cat climbing tree is made of high quality engineered wood, which is sturdy enough to allow 15 kg cats safely jump up or down this cat tree without swaying. In addition, we have added extra climbing ramp to help pets with limited mobility or old age easily reach the high platform without hurting their joints. Upgraded Design for High Comfort: Both the perches and the cat cando are equipped with soft plush cushions with foam padding for a comfortable resting experience. In addition, the cat condo has multiple entrances, which not only provides easy access but also provides excellent ventilation for cats. Lovely Design for Versatile Use: This multi-level cat house is compact in design, understated in appearance but rich in function. The side entrance to the cat condo is designed in the shape of a cute cat's paw, which increases the appeal to cats and blends perfectly into any furniture style, suitable for the living room, bedroom or balcony. Color: Beige Material: Engineered Wood, Sisal, Plush Overall Dimension: 59 cm x 59 cm x 157 cm (L x W x H) Top Perch Dimension: 54 cm x 46 cm x 9 cm (L x W x H) Small Perch Dimension: 49 cm x 45 cm x 9 cm (L x W x H) Net Weight: 24 kg Maximum Weight of Each Layer: 15 kg Package includes: 1 x Multi-layer Cat Tree 1 x Instruction

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester