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30 Notes Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8
30 Notes Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8
30 Notes Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8
30 Notes Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8
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30 Notes Glockenspiel Bell Kit with 8" Practice Pad and Adjustable Height Stand

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This is the brand new 30 notes percussion glockenspiel bell kit which comes with a stand, 8" practice pad, bell mallets, drum sticks, musical stand, and a custom-made carrying bag. It is definitely a perfect choice for those who want to learn to play percussion instruments, ideal for school kids, professional bands, and teachers for teaching. don't hesitate to bring one home! High-Performance Aluminum Glockenspiel: This glockenspiel bell features 2 rolls of 30 aluminum keys with 2.5-octave bells that clang with liquid and ringing sound. Each key has its own makers to help beginners recognize tones. The glockenspiel bell with an A-442HZ pitch covers ranges of G5 to C8 and achieves accurate intonation & long-lasting resonance.Practice Drum Pad: The surface applies high elasticity drum skin that offers great response and playability. With a good sound absorption effect, the 21 cm practice pad achieves a realistic drum feeling without bothering the neighbor. Besides, the drum pad can be fixed on the stand.Adjustable Electroplated Stand: This height-adjustable stand allows you to rotate and change the glockenspiel bell from 65 to 98 cm to match junior players or grown-ups. The 4-claw head aims and locks the instruments in position while the anti-slip legs ensure stability.Easy Carrying Bag: Equipped with an easy-carrying bag that packs all the accessories, this 30 notes glockenspiel bell kit is convenient for transportation and traveling. With a light weight of 5 kg, it is a great instrument kit for touring, street performance, home practicing, and training.Full Glockenspiel Bell Kit: The glockenspiel bell comes with bundled accessories including a pair of mallets, a 21 cm drum pad and its sticks, a music stand, a glockenspiel bell stand, and a storage bag. With the music stand to hold the musical sheets, this glockenspiel bell kit makes daily practice easier. Main material: Aluminum, stainless steel, wood Net weight: 5 kg Glockenspiel bell dimension: 58 x 36 x 5 cm Drum pad diameter: 21 cm Stand height: 65-98 cm Package includes: 1 x Glockenspiel bell 1 x Drum pad 2 x Drum stick 2 x Mallet 1 x Music sheet clip 1 x Adjustable stand 1 x Storage bag

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester