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150 kg Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Truck
150 kg Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Truck
150 kg Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Truck
150 kg Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Truck
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150 kg Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Truck

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Built with strong steel,it is well balanced and secure when heavy items are loaded. It runs smoothly, is easy to steer and easy to roll when pushing and pulling, making transportation work a breeze. This unit folds up tight and is lightweight and sturdy for stacking packages to easily maneuver across large bumps and tight corners. The assembly is simple and you can put the rotating wheels on the side with the handle so when you're pulling this dolly around by the handle it'll not drifting. Sturdy Steel Construction: Built with solid steel for long-term use and functionality, the push cart is well balanced and secure, and the wheels don't go every which way when loaded with heavy items. The non-slip surface and the support baffle can help prevent the boxes or other goods from sliding or falling. Excellent Mobility: This portable and lightweight platform cart makes the moving process much easier. Featuring a comfortable handle grip and the 360 degree rolling wheels, it would be easy to carry and maneuver a heavy load of 330 lbs weight with this dolly. You can pull as well when loading heavier stuff. Compact Folding Design: With its compact and portable folding design, you can fold down the handle easily to save space and store it anywhere you like. It fits in the trunk, in the closet, underneath the bed, anywhere in the house or in the backyard. It’s ideal for garage,basement, garden shed or any other limited space. Spacious Loading Platform: The flat cart is super handy for moving objects that are too big or too heavy to carry by one person. It comes with a large flatbed, with which you can stack quite a bit packages all on this cart at one time instead of walking back and forth several times, saving a lot of time and effort. Versatile Push Cart Dolly: The convenient dolly is lightweight and easy to pick up and put into the vehicle. It can be used to carry the heavy groceries, recyclable bins, wood planks, luggage, equipment, cargo, etc., or for trade shows. It's also very handy for the disabled or the elderly to get their outside work done. Size: 72 x 48 cm Gross Weight: 8.5 kg Height: 83 cm with the wheel Maximum load: 150 kg Package included: 1 x instruction manual 1 x hauling cart

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester