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Fake Camellia Plant with 37 Flowers for Indoor and Outdoor
Fake Camellia Plant with 37 Flowers for Indoor and Outdoor
Fake Camellia Plant with 37 Flowers for Indoor and Outdoor
Fake Camellia Plant with 37 Flowers for Indoor and Outdoor
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Fake Camellia Plant with 37 Flowers for Indoor and Outdoor

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This artificial camellia tree is a perfect home decoration with easy maintenance. This artificial tree is composed of 37 vivid flowers, luxuriant leaves and winding trunks, making it look vibrant for indoor and outdoor decoration. However, the faux potted plant needs no trimming, watering, fertilization or even sunshine. Also, it won€™t wither in any season. This will save you a lot of time and effort. More, the fake camellia flowers and leaves are made of PE, and trunks are crafted of PP, gaining better fade resistance, allergic resistance and without unpleasant smells. With a pot filled with cement, the artificial camellia tree is very stable and won€™t easily tip over when hit by your pets. Its top is covered with rain-flower pebbles and makes the whole tree more beautiful. You can use it to decorate your place, such home, offce, cafe, store and so on, to make it more bright. Stimulated Camellia Tree: The artificial camellia tree comes with evergreen lush leaves, naturally winding trunks and 37 striking gradient-colored flowers, making it classical and elegant. It is fully blooming and displayed in a simple black pot, bringing the impressive vitality of nature to your living space. Safe and Durable Materials: The faux camellia plant is a secure choice for people who are allergic to pollen but like flowers. The camellia flowers and leaves are made of PE, while trunks are crafted of PP. Both materials shows great allergic resistance and has no unpleasant smells for friendly use. Also, they are non-fading to ensure durability. Delicate and Stable Cement Pot: Filled with cement, the flower pot is heavier to make sure the fake potted plant will always stand stably and won€™t easily tipping over, even accidentally hit by your pets. In details, its top surface is covered by rain-flower pebbles to offer a natural and stunning appearance. Maintenance-Free Design: Unlike real plants, the artificial camellia tree can keep the long-lasting beauty and vibrancy. You don€™t need to spend extra time on trimming, watering or fertilization. Even without sunshine, the faux potted plant won€™t wither at all. So it is perfect for people who are too busy to take care of plants. Proper Size and Versatile Use: The artificial potted plant has a proper dimension of 23€� x 18€� x 40€� (L x W x H), which is applicable to any narrow corner to refresh the home decoration. Also, it requires no installation. As needed, you can place it in the home, hotel, restaurant or office to maintain a natural charm. Colour: Green &; Yellow Material: PP, PE, Sand, Cement, Rain-Flower Pebble Overall Dimension: 58 x 45 x 102 cm (L x W x H) Size of Flower Pot: 18 x 14 cm (Dia x H) Net Weight: 3 kg Package Includes: 1 x Artificial Camellia Tree

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester