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180cm Artificial Tree with Nursery Pot
180cm Artificial Tree with Nursery Pot
180cm Artificial Tree with Nursery Pot
180cm Artificial Tree with Nursery Pot
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180cm Artificial Tree with Nursery Pot

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The 1008 finely crafted leaves determine the unique appearance of the ficus tree. Moreover, the artificial tree is 108cm tall and fits well with the window, living room and couch. Furthermore, the artificial plant is planted in a plastic pot with a cement base. You can immediately set it up. Lifelike and Decorative Appearance: The 180cm high artificial plant has approx. 1008 leaves, which makes it look very dense and lifelike. The cement base with a real moss surface and 3 wood trunks give the tree a real look. And the evergreen leaves bring a touch of green to your room.Stable Stand: With a stable, cemented base pot with a diameter of 16cm, the tree ensures a stable stand. Besides, a pot cover with a height of 11.5€� is also supplied. You can add soil for better stability.Wide Range of Application: This decorative tree can be used all year round. The glossy leaves make it a perfect addition to any interior. Regardless of whether you place the tree on the balcony or in the room, it beautifies the environment.Easy-to-maintain Alternative: In contrast to the real and sensitive tree, the artificial tree is very easy to clean for its water-proof materials. Treatment with artplants UV protection spray is recommended at regular intervals for long-lasting bright colour.High-quality Material: The leaves are made of high-quality and soft textile fibers, which looks like the real one. Additionally, the artificial ficus tree is equipped with real wood trunk, which is is odorless and durable. colour: Green Material: Polyester fabric, real trunk Dimension of the tree: 85 cm x 180 cm (Ø x H) Dimensions of the pot: 16 cm x 14 cm (Ø x H) Dimensions of the pot cover: 24 cm x 29 cm (Ø x H) Weight: 6.5 kg Package includes: 1 x Ficus tree

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester